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Writer/Director Select Projects
Director Sample REEL
Running time: 5mins
Rebirth a Visual
Promotional Video
Creative Director: Ugur Dervish
DOP: George Akl
Running time 7 mins
Melbourne Fashion Week
NOW – Web Series (6 x 4min)
Total running time: 26 mins.
co-Writer: Melissa Colosimo
Executive producers: SCAPE TV (Channel Ten/Village Ten)
Interactive Flesh - Comedy TV Series Pilot
Running Time - 26 mins
Co Writer: Melissa Colosimo
Producer: Rosa Colosimo
Executive Producer: SCAPE TV (Channel Ten/Village Ten
Incurable Romantics - Documentary
Running time 28 mins.
Executive Producers: Christina Pozzan, Francesca Wakefield
Producer: Lillian Thoms
Creative Director and Photography
The facts
The mission
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