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Artist and Maker Anastasia La Fey rejects labels to illuminate an arts culture dedicated to a generosity of spirit .

Couturier Anastasia La Fey rejects gender labels to illuminate a queer fashion culture dedicated to a generosity of spirit and the art of style.

Loving The Alien is an experimental documentary film that follows Australian artist Anastasia La Fey.  Beginning in 2017 in her Melbourne studio and her collaboration with dancers Benjamin Hancock & James Andrews for BRUTAL WHITE - OBAKE, we follow the artist's move from the city to regional Victoria and explore the creative process, notions of identity, and her love for the environment.



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The Dreaming Subject

The Dreaming Subject - is an experimental Australian documentary/podcast series that follows the efforts of inspiring First Nation individuals, and questions if art, empathy, and compassion can change the world. 


Throughout the series, we meet community leaders and artists, who stand as a reminder we each possess the power to heal our fragile environment for future generations.

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Ben Danzz Live - FNQ
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The Garden

In a satirical exploration of a volatile mother daughter relationship, The Garden exposes the art of sweet revenge.

Synopsis: Seventy-year-old Miriam is frustrated having spent a lifetime succumbing to the demands of her lazy husband George. When their only daughter, Liza-Jane (45), a single mother and wannabe rock star makes a rare visit, Miriam knows she’s after money. But this visit was going to be different. This time Miriam takes a stand against her wayward daughter, and ensures there's nothing George can do to stop her.

Script currently in Development
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