Cover Design/Finished Artist
Black Pepper Publishing
Book Cover: The Strangest Place
Cover Design/Finished Artist
Black Pepper Publishing
Book Cover: Chasing Marie Antoinette
All over Paris
Graphic Design/Finished Artist
Black Pepper Publishing
Book Cover - Two That Got Away 
2018 AGMC National Conference
Print and digital media content
Director/Associate Producer
Across the Ages - Health and Education Video
Running time: 18mins
Writer: Vic Perri
Produced by - Positive Living Center/Alfred Hospital/Victorian Aids Council
BRUTAL WHITE ABOKE  - Exhibition Video
Running time: 4mins
Creative Director - Anastasia La Fey
Cinematography: Mark Morris
Associate Producer (Documentary Proposal)- Lillian Thoms
Assistant Director (RMIT Placement)
Monstrous Acts - Theater
Running time: 65 min.
Writer/Director: Steven Dawson
Co-Producer: Adrian Corbett
SINE REDEMPTUS - Interactive Visual Art Installation
Midsummer GLBT Arts Festival
Producer: Monique Shafter
Interactive Flesh - Comedy TV Series Pilot
Running Time - 26 mins
Producer: Rosa Colosimo
Executive Producer: SCAPE TV  (Channel Ten/Village Ten)
Larger than Life - Weary Dunlop – Documentary Pilot
Running time - 46 mins (per episode).
Executive Producer: Rosa Colosimo
Director - 
NOW – Web Series  - Lifestyle Show
Running time: 26 mins. (3-4mins  per episode)
Writer: Melissa Colosimo
Executive producers: SCAPE TV  (Channel Ten/Village Ten)
Rebirth a Visual - Fashion Promotional Video
Producer: Ugur Dervish
Running time 7 mins
Melbourne Fashion Week
Incurable Romantics - Documentary
Running time 28 mins.
Executive Producers: Christina Pozzan, Francesca Wakefield
Producer: Lillian Thoms
The Room of Time - Short Film
Running time 8 mins
Winner ATOM Award.